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  2. First off...wow. This game is the type of singleplayer game I can really get into. I just bought the game and played for a couple hours. I have played Mount and Blade so I know the mechanics very well. I'm still learning a lot about the weapons, items, trading, and units. I will definitely be playing this at least once a day before I go to bed. There are some things however that kind of bother me... 1. Lack of customization. I do understand that there are a LOT of customizable items in the game. From clothing, weapons, armor, headgear, etc. However I get a nice middleeastern/80s European vibe from this game, I would love to see more uniforms in the game. Simply because I love a variety of customizable items, I also would love to see more armor types, customizable armor with MOLLE system, more helmets/headgear, possibly more modern US/Russian/Canadian type armor, headgear, and clothing. 2. AI not balanced? I noticed in one battle against a smaller group of AI in normal mode they completely WIPED out my units very fast. It's not like I went up against some big faction, I was facing a small group of Looters who had about 10 troops and I had 7 troops. Some of them trained up and equipped with rifles. I'm not sure how the AI play yet, but it seemed a little weird having my squad wiped. 3. The graphics seem outdated. I feel like with unity. If they put a little more time in the textures, skins, and overall game itself it could have been a little more "modern" with its graphics. Regardless of the graphics I still love the game. 4. Small map...I know your thinking "This map is huge af", or "Well it's a decent sized map, I dont know why you would say that". Well I LOVE exploring game maps, have LONG playtime in one new game, I just love open world games with huge maps. I think the map could have been a little bigger. 5. Lack of game modes. I feel like a game like this should have some interesting game modes, or at least different quests than "Train troops", and "Hunt down snipers". I would love to see AT LEAST different quests like Capturing high values targets, helping out allied armies in fights, Reconnaissance missions, etc. I have not played the game all the way through yet. I'm still on my first save. So I have not experienced everything the game has to offer just yet. However this is my take on the game so far. A later graphics update, or more content to the game would really get it "popping". Cannot wait to see what the Devs come out with! I'm excited to be apart of the community.
  3. Nomad

    Crash on Start

    I know that this is a problem that some folks have had in the past, but I had already played 52 hours of the game, and was really enjoying it. I go in to start the game, get the Unity logo, and then endless black. I read that I am supposed to wait, and so I do, indefinitely. This bug came out of the blue, and its a bummer because I really want to play! Is there a fix, or something else that I can do?
  4. Earlier
  5. I was offered a gather item quest from a village saying they had a short supply of Dried Fish and wanted 5 units. The reward for the quest included 3 units of Dried Fish.
  6. The Reclusiarch

    Battle Suggestions

    I just want to preface by saying, I love this game. It is great fun and has massive potential. Below I've listed some features that I believe would add some more depth to the combat of the game. As of now, I understand that capturing flags in sieges can win the game, but I don't think it's quite enough. I would like to see more objectives in battle. Buildings or assets to destroy that cause enemy units below a certain morale or level threshold to flee the fight or surrender alongside flags/territories to capture. A command bunker or building, some light armor to give vehicles a purpose. Off map assets like precision air strikes, mortars, and surveillance drones would add an interesting dynamic for people who want to go to war with less but more elite infantry. Which would tie in to the objective assets I mentioned above. I.e. Destroy the enemy's armor/command/supplies and they route. Get quests from allies to destroy specific enemy assets without actually sieging the city yourself. That would also make running with smaller, but more expensive units a bigger risk as large infantry units roaming around can cause you serious problems if you find yourself in a field battle and not just attacking a city. Yea you can call in couple of airstrikes and/or mortar bombardments, but that's not going to help when your 28 man special operations platoon is being overrun by 150 armored Marauders with AK's and RPGs. You might kill 100 of them, but now your team is reduced to 12 and 50 more are coming through the valley. Or you might win but it'd cost you so much in nearly irreplaceable men that you'd rather just avoid it. Some stealth would be nice too. I've snuck up on enemies during a gunfight for a flank only to have the entire unit that had no idea I was there all turn and start firing. I think that adding more guns is kind of irrelevant as well. If you have 10-15 guns per class with different purposes, you'd have a more interesting line up than 50 guns that do 70-75 base damage per shot balanced by metrics that just turn into find the gun with the least spread/recoil/bullet drop gun in the game. Some clear city management would be nice too. Do weapons out of my armory get sold? How about storage? Where can I put surplus weapons, armor and equipment? How about partitioning a Minuteman/woman initiative in happy enough cities for defense purposes to bolster your garrison? Vehicles, now I know there's a lot of people who want vehicles and I've seen a lot of dev pushback on these requests. I think vehicles would work best as assets as I outlined above. Additionally, failing that, if you had objectives spread around the map away from the middle, vehicles might see more purpose than to rush them into the middle to use as weapons platforms. Lastly...co-op, I would punch someone for co-op in this game. Let me know what you think!
  7. Thank you very much!💚
  8. Tina

    Love the Game

    Thank you💚 But vehicles will not back because of modding
  9. andyv2k14

    Love the Game

    Hi, I just realized this webpage exists, so I had to stop in and say hi. I picked Freeman up right when it first released. It's amazing to see how the game has grown and changed! I really like the game a lot and have had a ton of fun playing it. I also feel that it does sort of capture some of the confusion of multi-factional fighting in the modern world. I'd like to see vehicles come back. From my time spent in Donbass, Ukraine, vehicles play a huge role over there and seem to be used as both defensive strongpoints and to initiate offense or deter incursions. Keep up the great work and if you are ever in Vermont, USA, then I definitely owe you folks a beer. Regards, Andrew
  10. The update v0.95 is out in the main build! All the new things were described in the video below: https://youtu.be/1_mKrkkjXts Test version bugs which are fixed: - disappearing prisoners - disappearing unassigned units Also adjusted prices for some weapons and balance of some units.
  11. cocapelli

    One last feature you want to see?

    i *would say mortars:D compounding on that, i would like mortars to have a spotter system where the shots get progressively more accurate. edit. hmm... i just found the double right click on the strategic(tactical? battle.) map. is that the mortar tag? if it is, that will do. i love how it shows up on the fps screen
  12. cocapelli

    So impressed i wanted to stop by and say hi...

    fleshing the world out by giving companions backstories is beautiful. making one a history teacher to give you some historical backdrop, genius.
  13. yea, just wow. have around 180 hours in the game and bought it beginning of '18. you have come a long way and every time i start the game i am more impressed. thank you. i eat pizza... whether that is my favorite food or not, i eat a lot of pizza. i tend to switch between something with a sniper scope, there weren's always binocs:) if i can see it, i can get someone to kill it. i dont really have a favorite faction. i like to keep it diversified. fca to the right, vfa to the left and pozna on overwatch. once again, you all are doing a great job and thanks for all your hard work.
  14. I was frustrated before with the auto equip because my troops equipped MK14s and not the other higher tier weapons I possessed. It all makes sense now. Totally missed the part where they train to use certain weapons and the damage is improved the higher they are skilled in certain weapons, hence picking the highest damage they can do
  15. Vinegar_Fingers

    SV98M snipers 0.95beta

    Not sure if this is reported but when I equip my Pozna sniper elite squads with the SV98M they stop firing on targets. I see that they are tracking them i.e. the take positions and turn towards them but will not fire
  16. Shadauwulf

    Auto Equip Stopped Working(TEST BRANCH)

    UPDATE. I closed out and reloaded the game, auto equip is back.
  17. After conquering Smolyanka, I noticed I couldnt auto equip my troops any longer. I'm not certain if there was something else that may have caused this, but I've tried to find work arounds but came up with nothing.
  18. muffinvengador

    One last feature you want to see?

    Having some random objects for cover and a proper cover system would make the maps more diverse: some pillboxes, sandbags, concrete barriers, burned cars, etc could give maps more uniqueness and help to make more tactical decisions.
  19. TheRomanRuler

    One last feature you want to see?

    Would be great to have unit/squad templates. As you start capturing towns, it becomes really tedious to make sure everyone everywhere has equipment you want them to have. Auto upgrade should then upgrade soldiers to match template. If i don't have enough equipment for all of them, game should tell me. I would also love it if soldiers would upgrade automatically if they are inside a city as garrison and that city sells equipment they need. In that situation game would remove that equipment from store and give it to soldiers to match template. Currently, i don't want to capture any towns because it becomes too difficult to manage every soldier everywhere. I can manage elite forces i always have with me well enough, but anything more is too difficult. Thank you for the great game!
  20. Van Weyden

    [0.944] Wrong/Missed strings in localization file

    It is seems that IDs are unnecessary for the game. I tried different IDs, even the equal, and the translation was loaded normally.
  21. During the game I found several missing translations of the items. Then I opened the Localization.json file to search for these items. Here is what I found: 1. At the line 2592 there is wrong item key ("GREEN MILITIA VEST", should be "DESERT MILITIA VEST", because it has the name "Desert vest", a desert texture & camo bonus ) 2. After line 2878 (between "MP HELMET" and "AK5C") there is a missed item translation with id 2146. This one should be with the key "DESERT MASK". 3. There are also missed items with keys "5.45MM" & "5.7MM" (but at the same time localization file contains them descriptions). Unfortunately, I could not define them ID's. If I will find them, I will answer in this thread.
  22. Tina

    Third Person?

  23. Shadauwulf

    Save loading improperly

    Good possibility. How old is your PC?
  24. Van Weyden


    Его используют разработчики? Или там уже создан перевод? К чему Вы вообще написали про это? Подобных сервисов навалом, но конкретно в этом случае обычная google-таблица, будет не хуже. Работа с ней не сложнее, чем, например, на той же ноте (notabenoid). Требуемый функционал +- тот же. Регистрация не требуется. Единственный недостаток - без прямой ссылки на неё вряд ли выйдешь. Но если здесь не найдутся желающие, то и там они вряд ли будут. Разве что совершенно сторонние люди, не игравшие в игру. Но, как по мне, переводить что-то без знания контекста - такое себе занятие.
  25. SKBLD


    Transifex есть для коллективных переводов
  26. Van Weyden


    С момента последнего сообщения в теме прошёл год, и сейчас русская локализация есть. Но она УЖАСНА. Такого отборного машинного бреда я давно не видел. Спасибо, что не стали прятать файлы локализации и их можно подправить. Всем неравнодушным предлагаю присоединиться к правке локализации: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r8w2VWNxKGNxCDv3RHuR6553NPZPuDG2daNoVzI9rM0/edit?usp=sharing Я уже подправил основной интерфейс, но, конечно, ещё много чего нужно поправить.
  27. Iron Pizza

    Third Person?

    Can the game be played in the third person view? I have issues with motion sickness with games like this in third person. 😕 I prefer movement with a third person view and first person view for shooting. Thanks.
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