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    I just registered to say: you are incredible. How pretty girls can make so good and nerdy game? I cant't believe that, but i really love it. Much thanks! Also it's good how you understand importance of good AI and proper modding environment. Some people complaining about the depth of the game, and i agree with them. In mount&blade you can spend many days of clear playtime to win, but here it much easier. Take a look. Anyway, i hope in you, and bought some copies. Thousands, bazillions of thanks.
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    will there be vehicles in the game again?; i quite enjoyed them. Apart from that, a little bit more weapon customisation, an things like usable grenade launchers for the player. plus more firearms, stuff like a G3,k98,Mosin-Nagant, maybe a Sig 550 G36 an so on. And definitley an option for equimpent preferences whe fast equipping your troops, so that they favour smg instead of temi automatic rifles for example, still a great game though
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    I stand corrected, I kept playing and its easier than I claimed to get better gear at the begining in the game. Thanks for your help, Tina. I do have one concearn and its related to me being colourbind. Although I have seen an improvement in the enemy respawn dectection. Its still not easy to see it and much worst the enemy troops in battle. Please, change the colour palet to somting more shinning or let us change colour! Thanks you so much for putting the efford on making this a better game.
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    This sentence is produced by Google auto translation. I like this work very very much and I am waiting for it to be officially released as a very great work. Since this game is currently under alpha testing, I have no hopes for the developer's sensibility without presenting an opinion. But now I felt the need to express an opinion on the current map design. A recently added new design map is what kills this game. This map design is like a mass produced FPS game, so this common design map is not a problem if it occurs at a specific landmark. Thank you for the opportunity to state a warning on the general purpose of this bad-fashioned, traditional cheap design map. East German Rain Camo is great. Thank you.
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    0.94 Beta [EDIT] Problem solved by money ๐Ÿ˜œ I bought steam version. Now in main menu i see 9.44 and I can load old save. Previously i've tried to reinstall game and manualy removed files that wasn't deleted during uninstallation. Without success. I believe that problem is on GOG side. Anyway, thanks for help Tina
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    we will think about this
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    Hello everyone, We have uploaded the V0.943. The major changes are as follows: Fixed the issue that the game runs incorrectly after loading the game (this is due to API incompatibility and we have fixed it) Increased maximum level cap of soldiers to level 15 again. Adjusted price and armor value for helmets and vests. Faction armies' level (different faction troops have different initial levels) Added game tutorials(work in progress) Some UI optimizations (we will continue to improve the UI and user experience in the following updates) Right mouse button to rotate cameras. Fixed some localization errors. Game Tips during loading. Black market appears randomly according to player's level. Resource Points have a chance of dropping high level props. List of goods produced in cities. Two new skirmish maps were added. Added army's strength comparison display for auto-combat so the player can understand the probability of winning the auto-combat. Fixed a few bugs reported from the v0.943 test version.
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    Thanks for the answer. I was not aware the content was removed to make way for modding and I'm all for giving them great tools to work with. Can't wait to see what the game looks like when you guys are done!
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    We had to cancel vehicles in order to add modding support. We do understand that many people liked that, but we had no other choice if we want to have modding system which will give moders really a lot of freedom. air support and such are still under consideration, not sure will we add that because of he same modding reason About emplacements not sure yet. At the moment it's just for improving city defense lvl.
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    My favorite feature this update is the auto equip. I basically was just buying fully strapped troops because I didnt wanna take the time to assign weapons haha. Though I wished some of these features did work, I understand why they dont, aka the mayor's not actually building the city, or the companions not building armies. I love the work you guys are doing, dont let the steam trolls try to keep you all down. They're losers anyway
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    Some of these, like the battle maps, may have already been mentioned elsewhere. Allow AI to garrison buildings and allow us to enter all structures. When defending a city during a siege, how about some fortifications that we can purchase and deploy (barbed wire, sandbags, trench systems, tanks traps for vehicles when they get added), and fortify existing structures. Need more varied and interesting battle maps. Sound design needs some work. Better squad control during combat: change direction they face, formation, take cover behind stuff instead of standing out in the open The AI sometimes seem to have aimbot and wallhacks. Even moving behind cover they're still shooting as I can still see the tracers going through the walls and map geometry. During city sieges there's a large 3 story building in which you can enter, I usually enter there and snipe, but there are times I'm getting hit just taking a peek out the window. I would like to be able to reorganize my squad list, just so it looks a bit nicer. The character stories need some paragraph breaks, it's a bit of a chore to read as of now because of that. During city sieges, the flag icons should be at the top of the screen, so you can see your squads progress to capturing a point at a quick glance. Need multiple save slots, instead of overwriting the old save. It would be cool to see the stats of individual squads, perhaps even for the individual battles they fight. Artillery and mortar teams perhaps?
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    Ok, so, after reading your guide i went and start a new game. I think trading could be much easier if we have a list with all the cities and which items they are looking for. other wise you need to go to each town and remember where you can find stuff in disconut and stuff on high demand. I realize i could buy a rifle for $1200 wich is nice. It would be nice to have a cheap 1.25 x sight, a little zoom makes the difference in confort. Another thing. pleaseee more probability of smaller armies! at least the first days. i get the gun i cant hire more soldiers so i cant face too many enemies. the sacrifices you have to make thx for paying attention.
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    ways of making money: 1- amber and iron mines 2- steal from the village 3- plunder village 4- missions 5- trading 6- join other people combat to grow the army easier: 1- take missions, your guys will get exp also 2- buy people without equipment and give them what you got in loot 3- try to use different tactics 4- pay attention to what lvl army you are fighting
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    yes, please, change the enemies spwan boxes, THEY ARE SO HARD TOO SEEEEEE. im colourblind, if you at least make the spawn boxes lines wider I could see them easyly, or change it to yellow. pleaseeeeee its a pain to start looking for the enemies spawns at the start of every match
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    thank you!๐Ÿ’š we will work on map more
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