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    yea, just wow. have around 180 hours in the game and bought it beginning of '18. you have come a long way and every time i start the game i am more impressed. thank you. i eat pizza... whether that is my favorite food or not, i eat a lot of pizza. i tend to switch between something with a sniper scope, there weren's always binocs:) if i can see it, i can get someone to kill it. i dont really have a favorite faction. i like to keep it diversified. fca to the right, vfa to the left and pozna on overwatch. once again, you all are doing a great job and thanks for all your hard work.
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    Hi, I just realized this webpage exists, so I had to stop in and say hi. I picked Freeman up right when it first released. It's amazing to see how the game has grown and changed! I really like the game a lot and have had a ton of fun playing it. I also feel that it does sort of capture some of the confusion of multi-factional fighting in the modern world. I'd like to see vehicles come back. From my time spent in Donbass, Ukraine, vehicles play a huge role over there and seem to be used as both defensive strongpoints and to initiate offense or deter incursions. Keep up the great work and if you are ever in Vermont, USA, then I definitely owe you folks a beer. Regards, Andrew
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    fleshing the world out by giving companions backstories is beautiful. making one a history teacher to give you some historical backdrop, genius.
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    I was frustrated before with the auto equip because my troops equipped MK14s and not the other higher tier weapons I possessed. It all makes sense now. Totally missed the part where they train to use certain weapons and the damage is improved the higher they are skilled in certain weapons, hence picking the highest damage they can do
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    Having some random objects for cover and a proper cover system would make the maps more diverse: some pillboxes, sandbags, concrete barriers, burned cars, etc could give maps more uniqueness and help to make more tactical decisions.
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    Would be great to have unit/squad templates. As you start capturing towns, it becomes really tedious to make sure everyone everywhere has equipment you want them to have. Auto upgrade should then upgrade soldiers to match template. If i don't have enough equipment for all of them, game should tell me. I would also love it if soldiers would upgrade automatically if they are inside a city as garrison and that city sells equipment they need. In that situation game would remove that equipment from store and give it to soldiers to match template. Currently, i don't want to capture any towns because it becomes too difficult to manage every soldier everywhere. I can manage elite forces i always have with me well enough, but anything more is too difficult. Thank you for the great game!
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    aww... okay, thank you nonetheless
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    will there be vehicles in the game again?; i quite enjoyed them. Apart from that, a little bit more weapon customisation, an things like usable grenade launchers for the player. plus more firearms, stuff like a G3,k98,Mosin-Nagant, maybe a Sig 550 G36 an so on. And definitley an option for equimpent preferences whe fast equipping your troops, so that they favour smg instead of temi automatic rifles for example, still a great game though
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    Don't worry, not only girls were working on the game Thank you! We will work on that more💚
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