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    aww... okay, thank you nonetheless
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    will there be vehicles in the game again?; i quite enjoyed them. Apart from that, a little bit more weapon customisation, an things like usable grenade launchers for the player. plus more firearms, stuff like a G3,k98,Mosin-Nagant, maybe a Sig 550 G36 an so on. And definitley an option for equimpent preferences whe fast equipping your troops, so that they favour smg instead of temi automatic rifles for example, still a great game though
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    I stand corrected, I kept playing and its easier than I claimed to get better gear at the begining in the game. Thanks for your help, Tina. I do have one concearn and its related to me being colourbind. Although I have seen an improvement in the enemy respawn dectection. Its still not easy to see it and much worst the enemy troops in battle. Please, change the colour palet to somting more shinning or let us change colour! Thanks you so much for putting the efford on making this a better game.
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