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  1. SpecialBandit

    Adding more languages

    Adding more languages, so people who cant speak english can play/understand the game. (just ask your great community if they can help translating it)
  2. SpecialBandit


    It would be cool if you could drive yourself or even be the gunner.
  3. SpecialBandit

    Switching character in Battle

    This would be great, but also kinda "unfair". For example the unit you are going to switch to has a ak47m and you only had a revolver. But one thing that i can imagine they will add one day is that you can choose between you'll die or one of your troops will die.
  4. SpecialBandit

    Adding Wildlife

    This is just something to make the battlefield feel more realistic. Adding birds & deer to maps with trees would be great, not only for looks and realism but also for distraction(example:enemy marker on map if close).
  5. SpecialBandit

    Stealth Stuff

    with "units with night vision" i meant units that are able to have NV and Silencers but are armed with not strong rifles or reasonable pistols (or just some melee weapons )
  6. SpecialBandit

    Stealth Stuff

    Here's the idea : New "special units"(maybe a new faction?) with night vision and ... Silencers/melee weapons(would be quite cool to have some knifes or something), (optional) New missions where being stealth is a better idea than just rushing in. And just a thing you could add at the citys: attack city > attack city now/ attack city at night. (You could make a stealth DLC out of this for around 5$ )
  7. SpecialBandit

    Creating your own city

    How about places where you could build/design your homebase/s?
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