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  1. I think I can answer your question. In short, you're ascribing a meaning to squad that is actually very specific and not part of its wider definition. In the general sense, squad is a perfectly acceptable word in these circumstances. To copy and paste Google's definition feature: squad noun: squad; plural noun: squads a small group of people having a particular task. "an assassination squad" synonyms: group, gang, band, body, crew, team, mob, crowd, outfit, force "an assassination squad" a small number of soldiers assembled for drill or assigned to a special task. "the demolition squad from No. 6 Troop were blowing up the guns" synonyms: detachment, detail, platoon, battery, troop, patrol, squadron, cadre, commando; More unit, formation "a firing squad" a group of sports players from which a team is chosen. "Ireland's World Cup squad" Though in part you have answered it yourself; you're basing your thoughts and experience primarily on US military sources and definitions. The wiki link to chain of command shows that these are terms commonly used in other militaries of English-speaking nations, but these definitions are not exclusive or indeed set in stone. The game devs unless I'm much mistaken are based in Hong Kong and may well be used to different terminology, if any at all. Getting into the realm of purely subjective opinions, I suppose the other way to look at it is that this is not a military sim. Paramilitary perhaps, but the flavour of the game seems to me to be more about civillian rebellion and uprising rather than warring nations, much like the so-called Arab spring. tl;dr: Don't sweat it. This isn't a milsim and the usage of the word squad is perfectly acceptable in the English langage ?
  2. Adventurist

    Sniper Scopes

    There is another type of equippable scope, called (I think) the PKA. It has a higher magnification but in the current build of the game it seems to look a bit odd. I prefer the reticle over the ACOG, but with the distorted view your mileage may vary. One of the sniper rifles - I forget which, but it's quite obvious in shops when you see them - also comes preinstalled with another different scope which is again higher magnification than the ACOG. It has a reticle based on the real-world PSO-1, including range estimator for human-height targets. Devs, if you're reading this I would love to have this scope available to eqip to other guns!
  3. Adventurist

    Twitch or YoutubeGaming?

    I prefer Youtube, both as a viewer and a content creator.
  4. Adventurist

    PatMat Checking in

    Hey PatMat, welcome to the forums. It's pretty quiet 'round here at the moment, but I'm sure that'll change in a week or so!
  5. Adventurist

    Tip o' the hat to you all.

    Hello hello!
  6. Please excuse my presumption at self-promotion, but I thought it was wrong that such a great game currently doesn't have anything in this part of the forum. So until some bigger and better names come along, I'll post my exploits here! Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR4MlzGrAlGtllayFiotS9ZUr5w8pZ3ls
  7. Adventurist

    Font corruption

    I've just experienced another unusual bug relating to on-screen text becoming unreadable on the battlefield deployment screen. I appreciate that this might just be a small glitch rather than an actual bug in the game... As I was adding squads to the starting area, all my on-screen text corrupted and became unreadable. This has never happened to me before in 0.162 or any previous build, but I wondered if it was connected with my squad names. Prior to the battle I had renamed one of my squads with an exclamation mark (Banditos!) and it was while adding this squad to the battlefield that the text corrupted. Closing the deployment screen seemed to fix the corruption and it did not recur.
  8. Adventurist

    Disappearing guns

    I don't know if this is intentional, but I have encountered an issue on the Party screen related to giving troops custom equipment. I don't know if this is reproducable because I simply haven't tried, but when I tried to get a normal unit (rather than Anna) to use a different long weapon rather than their own, their standard rifle completely disappeared. It no longer showed in their equipment or in my inventory. Removing the rifle that I told them to use left them with no long weapon at all - their own original equipment did not return.
  9. Adventurist

    Mega bug report thread from v.0140

    Just to confirm, I've also experienced 1, 2, 3 and 5.
  10. If you equip an ACOG scope while using the PPSh as your main weapon, it breaks the Iron sights. The game does indicate that the scope will not be used with that gun, but it seems that just having the ACOG in your equipment slot (not the general inventory) bugs out the alignment of the iron sights from the centre of the player view. Removing the scope from the equipment slot corrects the issue.
  11. Adventurist

    Enemies turn naked when killed

    An interesting bug, I guess might be due to the new loot system, but when the player kills an enemy they immediately turn into the (almost) naked character model and drop all of their equipment. This does not seem to happen to enemies killed by AI troops.
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