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  1. Wayne Yue


    你好!这个技能目前还没有体现出效果,应该是开发方还没有完全按照说明来做,就是还未开发完全。基本上所有的枪都能直接装备的。 另外,关于你的买不到枪的问题这个是游戏升级之后都有的问题,等一等过几天,多转几个城市就能看到高等级的枪了~
  2. Wayne Yue

    Some screenshots

    Hi siemens33~ I know you my friend~
  3. Wayne Yue


    感谢你的回复我的信息对大伙有帮助,我很高兴~ 我是来自百度贴吧的: calrewayne
  4. Wayne Yue

    Anna's equipment

  5. Wayne Yue

    special force.jpg

  6. Wayne Yue

    Hi! I'm Wayne ~

    Thank you This shows my great love for this game~
  7. Sometime I found that in the strategic map vision , I can not select the squad rightly. Sometime in battle map, when my mouse move to the squad ,some squad can not be lighted up automatically to select it to move or set new destination。
  8. Through some test in the game, I find there are some bugs about Gun and scope. I use ACOG scope, in the game find 8 kinds of guns has bug about scope. The guns are AR A4, CP16, KBS, MK-SL, MOSINKA, MPS7, PPSHA-41, Vector3. (1)AR A4 and MK-SL these two guns can not installing scope in the game. (2)CP16 , KBS , MOSINKA , MPS7 and VECTOR3 ,when use the scope aiming vision , the scope vision is wrong in zoom in or Horizontal line. (3)PPSHA-41 . This gun's Mechanical sight is not in same line with the barrel. These guns' bugs may not be all, send to you to know for Debug. Thank you!
  9. Wayne Yue


    Cool picture~
  10. Wayne Yue


    In the 0.133 Version, I use the RPK-M mostly, but in 0.140 the AR41 come back. In my country china , it's difficult to shot a gun for normal people .
  11. Wayne Yue

    Hi! I'm Wayne ~

    Hello everyone~ I'm Wayne from Beijing in china. firstly, I love this game so much ,I have played FGW for 75 hours. My character's level is 101 in the game ~ A strong man And my own kill in the game is more than 4200 people~ Glad to meet you guys~ Enjoy this great game~
  12. Wayne Yue

    Hello, It's me

    Hello Tina ! I love this game,and I have played FGW for 75 hours, and my character's level is 100 without cheating. My own kill in the game is 4200+, and my party's kill is 4900+
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