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  1. Santiago

    Forum Rules

    The following rules are enforced by all administrative members of the forum. Please take the following into consideration when creating a forum account: Do not make accounts with random names, such as "Dave353234". Using a simple name, such as "Dave" will not only make the forums look better, but will make it easier for another user or an admin to tag you into important topics that require your attention. Do not create accounts with offensive names, offensive profile pictures or any other offensive material. Do not use trashmail/fakemail services to create an account. An attempt will result in instant termination of such accounts. Do not make multiple forum accounts for yourself or share accounts with others. One account per person. General Forum Behaviour: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if they do not share the same opinions as you. Be respectful to everyone on the forum. Moderators will always have the final say in any dispute. Do not impersonate a KK Game Developer or a member of the Administrative Team. The forum language is English, if you wish to speak in a different language then please do so in the "Other Languages" Section. If your language is not their then please contact a moderator about possibly adding it. Forum Rules: Do not derail topics or forums sections by posting anything unrelated to the topic/section, keep them to what they were created for. When creating topics, ensure you post them the correct forum section (if in doubt ask a moderator). Do not openly argue with other users unless its directly related to the topic. Users arguing will be asked to stop, if you wish to continue then take it to personal messages or risk removal from the platform. Do not impersonate a KK Game Developer or a member of the Administrative Team. Do not excessively bump your posts, if you are requiring an answer then feel free to contact us via Discord or the Support System. Do not post on behalf of a muted or banned user, or you will share in their punishment. If somebody is banned from this forum, it is for a good reason and "channeling" the muted/banned person undermines the work of the moderators. Refrain from excessive swearing, users found to be breaking this rule shall receive a warning and further continuation will result in their accounts being banned or terminated. Being offensive, this is a broad spectrum but no user should be offensive towards another person because of Race, Sexuality, Religion, Gender or anything such. Doing so will result in a ban from the platform. It will not be tolerated. Members of the administrative team have the right to, warn, mute, delete content or ban users at their discretion if they deem your actions to be inappropriate. Use your common sense. If you think what you are doing is wrong, then don't do it.
  2. Santiago


    Your prayers have been heard.
  3. Santiago

    27% sale!

    Did you just reply to yourself?
  4. Should be fixed for now until the SSL cert kicks in.
  5. I would like to hear more about the name, please.
  6. Santiago

    Thulean Realm

    From Sweden ey? You must be a god at CSGO, none the less, good to see you around Thulean. Welcome to the Community!
  7. If you're reading this then you are obviously interested in assisting with the maintaining of the community Wiki. Below you will find a few templates and useful pieces of code for when creating pages. For help and see everything in action, please see the wiki page. Structure Commands: '''placeholder''' <--- Will make selected text go BOLD. ''placeholder'' <--- Makes text go itallic ===placeholder=== <--- Creates a header, automatically makes it go BOLD. {{placeholder}} <--- this will define a variable, useful for creating stubs. [[placeholder]] <--- This is best used for a catergory variable and will normally be placed last under neath all of the source code. {| class="wikitable" |- ! Header text !! Header text !! Header text |- | Example || Example || Example <---- Generates a table, multiple versions of these but this is the easiest and quickest. |- | Example || Example || Example |- | Example || Example || Example |} Useful Syntax Commands: {{gamename}} <--- will replace with "Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare"", best used in conjunction with ''{{game_name}}'' Simple Page Setup: '''Article Name''' xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ''{{gamename}}''. ==First Header== Information Goes Here ==Second Header== Information Goes Here ==Third Header== Information Goes Here ==Below is a Table== {| class="wikitable" |- ! This is a Table |- | [[Bold Title]] |} ==I am Another Table== {| class="wikitable" |- ! This !! One !! Is !! Bigger |- | The Name || || [[Another Table]] or [[KA-13|KA13]] | [[File:Pozna Conscript.png|frameless|125x125px]] |- | Pozna Rifleman || || [[KM Type-I]] or [[KM-74u]] | [[File:POZNA rifleman.png|frameless|125x125px]] |- | Pozna Specialist || || || [[File:POZNA specialist.png|frameless|125x125px]] |} [[Category:place the Category here]]
  8. Santiago

    Few requests for the forums

    The Dark Theme is more of a UI and bar colour change. I do have a Global Dark theme which is similar to YouTube's still ironing out the bugs of it.
  9. Santiago

    Few requests for the forums

    You were right, I forgot to add it to the global CSS frame. All users should see it now.
  10. Santiago

    Few requests for the forums

    We do have a dark theme, if you navigate to the bottom of the page you should see a little "Theme" option currently tweaking it depending on how "dark" we want it. Might have an additional one for complete night mode. As for the favicon, currently one is in the works; I wanted to add a nice one for the forum. I am also in the works of getting the API for Google+ login. and the HTTPS is also in the works.
  11. Santiago

    Basic Forum Etiquette

    You saved me a job @ChieftainViking thank you! I'll go ahead and feature this.
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