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    0.80 bugs noticed by me so far

    1. Upgrading units while they are Unassigned makes them disapear 2. No health numbers (it just says: health "and nothing") 3. FS7 is a pistol, but its ammo dose not go into pistol ammo slots 4. Ability to exit trader windows and marketplace or other "pages in town" with ESC would be awsome Edit: 5. Prone speed is very fast in my opinion. Height of prone is very high too. In previous versions it was very low and with high grass it made you impossible to aim. But then again it was more realistic imo 6. Constant "snapping" of tree graphics. Like for a brown tree you have a model A and B. And while strafing left and right it will change between A and B constantly at some distance to the tree. 7. Weapons that should be Assault Rifles are Rifles 8. Not a big bug but still anoying: Your character always starts every fight with its back towards middle of the map. Imo should be with the front towards middle of map.
  2. Zaan

    Ktos z ojczyzny?

    Że niby jaki klub ?
  3. - More magazines variation. I have a bad feeling after having same Mag to feed into 45, 30, and 20 mag size weapons. Maybe while working on this would be nice to get Ammo crates instead of mags. You buy a crate of 1000 bullets, and then by hand separate it into how many mags you need. And it would only take 1 inventory slot
  4. Zaan

    Some ideas

    9. Would be nice to have some statistic how many kills each unit did (per battle ended and in lifetime)
  5. Zaan

    Some bugs of V0.180

    16. When your out of fuel, and dismiss all trucks you still move like a snail. Though maybe will fix it after finding some fuel. But nope. It looks like when you buy your first Vehicle then you cant go back to move on foot. 17. Upgrading Fuel makes the consumption to grow instead of go down. 18. More annoying feature than a big bug but still: Food consumption is spread over few items instead just eating one at a time (and i have only FLOUR)
  6. Zaan


    Ok, so 0.180 got us Medic units... but how do they work? Any tips? Or its just a "place holder" till actual mechanic gets implemented
  7. Zaan

    Some ideas

    While replying to ThorMcKraken post about taking some ideas from JAII I had few ideas that are little bit far away from that game, so decided to make a new topic. 1. Active pause. Please for all that is valuable on this world, give active pause back. On world map, and during fight while opening Map. Or even better add to Game Options ability to play with this or not, depending on preference. I'm a big fan of tactical games, and I need some time to think about my strats, so Active Pause is my way to enjoy the game the most. 2. Ability to move units individually. Like from team of 9/9 picking one dot on Battle Map and move him to a different position. That could expand to having bigger squads (more than 9 peeps) and would allow for more immersive battles, especially sieges. Imagine guards, standing on a positions, on towers etc, small patrols of 3-4 guys, paroling the streets, night raid? np. 90% of enemy's are sleeping in tents, only few 2 man teams of guards. Make too much noise and you wake all up, if you are silent like a mouse then maybe you can knife some, or set charges and blow whole camp, or their ammo supply so when you attack with a bigger team they will not have enough ammo to fight back etc etc. 3. Setting targets for squads. And if nr 2 would be implemented then setting targets for single soldiers to kill a single enemy. Basically a lot more micro management, that would add a lot of depth and immersion to the game. 4. Scouts. That was mentioned by someone already, but it would be so nice to have a scouting ability like drones, satellite feed etc to know enemy location. Imagine preparing an attack on enemy camp, and first you send scouts (scouting skill, and camouflage has a lot of sense now) then you get a map with enemy positions before starting a raid. You make plans, prepare your teams. First a silent attack to take out guards, then at 00:10 team of sappers gets in to set charges and blow half of the camp to the moon. And finally at 00:25 main attack team finishes whatever is left. 5. Camps. And with camps would come for eg weariness or how you call it... ppl need to sleep... your mercs need to sleep, your enemy's need to sleep. There could be an whole new system where you can design your own camp, prepare its defenses etc, and other parties could attack it. Maybe we could have multiple camps, like one big hidden in the mountains (like a first main base, till you get a city) that has good defensive stats, so one could do like a partisan type of play style: attack convoys, destroy ammo depots etc. And then some typical camp that you build only for a night for a good sleep. And ofc all enemy armies/looters should build camps. Should be normal for a big army to stop for a night, then on other hand some bandits should be more active during nights etc. 6. Roads and convoys. I'm always in for more immersion, and then what could be more immersive than roads? On roads you travel faster, big faction armies should travel and patrol from town to town by roads. And looters/bandits should avoid roads, stay in forests etc. And then we could add convoys, that travel from town to town, and looters/bandits attack them by ambushes etc... maybe even trains? 7. Garrisons and forts It should be obvious that countries (factions) have a territory (could be marked on a map too, regions and stuff) and to defend that territory they should make forts, have garrisons in villages etc. Like: there is an garrison of 50 ppl in a village, and every Tuesday 30 of them go to hunt looters in forest around the village. Will not be back till Thursday. Perfect time to attack and loot that village. And then a big town nearby can send reinforcements to fill for 20 dead people. While doing so they chip on their own defenses, maybe after few village raids you will slowly lower town defenses enough to make attempt on looting a town? 8. Above mentioned looting. Duno why we can only attack a town, not loot it. While looting maybe we could only pick one target (like an armory) and not whole garrison is going to defend it? Just 20% or smthin? So just some free ideas. Prolly noting world braking. We all know that whatever gets into games is limited by game engine and time of developers, but its still nice to get some creativity out of your system from time to time.
  8. I'm kinda happy that I'm not the only person that would love if this game could become a spiritual descendant of JAII. A crossover between M&B and JAII... perfect military/mercenary sandbox game. And JAII was such a good game, and got even better with age (mods!!) that it would not be a shame and would do only good for FGW to take as much ideas from JAII (and its mods) as possible. Like: - Online equipment shops - Mercenaries database that you could hire (special NPCs, or even whole teams) - maybe you could do some stuff only when you own a port, or airport (so mercs, or items can travel only when you own a place that can take it) - skill system a little bit (like a doctor, that you could assign to heal your team) - wound system (a wounded merc cannot be healed with band aid, he needs a doctor) (wounded merc will bleed out in few hours if not applied a band aid) (med packs with few charges) - weapon and gear wear + mechanic skill to fix stuff - weapon attachment system (more, many more attachments) - gear attachments, different vests, backpacks that limit your carry capacity. Then you could make so vehicles, backpacks expand inventory etc etc. And when you have a backpack then you cold make it possible to access that backpack and vest inventory during fights, not only next to the box. - and many many more
  9. Zaan

    The Isles as stages

    Making things like that would brake few things that allot of people like about this game atm (not to mention its all a descendant of M&B type of gameplay) - Free roaming - Ability to pick your own peace and your own style like: be a mercenary for any faction (not implemented, but 100% believe it will be) - hire any merc you want (and they are bound to different factions) - Free trade: go to any city, buy, sell ... profit - Again different people different playstyles, for eg. I like to trade at beginning till i have enough cash for endgame weapon and some good armor, then I go and farm exp on solo killing packs of looters. Can't play like that with a bridge blocking my way too good weapons
  10. v0.180 After save and load skills of NPC that you can buy disappear. Picture above as an example, 121 HP and 7 AC are starting stats for her. With upgrades Accuracy should be 9, and hp 141 Edit. Same happens to all other goons under your orders. But if a goon lvlups his stats rise to proper level. But then, save, reload and they are gone.
  11. Hi, noticed today 2 bugs check how the sniper is holding his gun: https://imgur.com/v8VoQvp as soon as he starts shooting all goes normal now next 2 pictures are made with same scope, and same gun (R3 + PKA scope), but i noticed same bug with different weapons and scopes (although in 0.161) https://imgur.com/vBjgWUo https://imgur.com/F5ROpf1 Notice that night or day dose not have any meaning, bug happens not related to time. Maybe some would call it not a bug but anyway its kinda irritating, that sometimes scope is closer and bigger (i prefer it this way) and sometimes not.
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