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  1. froster710

    Minimalist the UI

    The game's current UI is very outdated, it's just too much information spreading around the screen, it's just look too old, I suggest something similar like the ARMA 3 inventory not the M&B. It's not bad, it's just look old, very old
  2. Everything was fine, but after the update 1.32 my PC has a 50 % chance of crashing after loading into battle, this makes the game unplayable I guess it have something to do with my pc's memory I attached my dxdiag, please fix this asap DxDiag.txt
  3. froster710

    We are going to extend our road map!

    Alot more to go but we're still here for u guys ❤️
  4. froster710


    and you can setup the field of EXPLOSION (LAND MINE) :p
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