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  1. muffinvengador

    One last feature you want to see?

    Having some random objects for cover and a proper cover system would make the maps more diverse: some pillboxes, sandbags, concrete barriers, burned cars, etc could give maps more uniqueness and help to make more tactical decisions.
  2. muffinvengador

    Starting up with only a handgun is a pain not justified

    I stand corrected, I kept playing and its easier than I claimed to get better gear at the begining in the game. Thanks for your help, Tina. I do have one concearn and its related to me being colourbind. Although I have seen an improvement in the enemy respawn dectection. Its still not easy to see it and much worst the enemy troops in battle. Please, change the colour palet to somting more shinning or let us change colour! Thanks you so much for putting the efford on making this a better game.
  3. muffinvengador

    Complaint for new map

    If I may add something here, better cover sistems would works wonders. so far o dont know if im secure behind a tree since i feel bullets pass them by. we need some basic strutures to make it more tactical. most of the time if feel in a turkey shoot.
  4. muffinvengador

    Starting up with only a handgun is a pain not justified

    dont i need combat for training soldiers? as fas as i undertand the training missions requierd my troops to fight in orther to gain enough xp to get to the desired level.
  5. muffinvengador

    starting strategies

    Ok, so, after reading your guide i went and start a new game. I think trading could be much easier if we have a list with all the cities and which items they are looking for. other wise you need to go to each town and remember where you can find stuff in disconut and stuff on high demand. I realize i could buy a rifle for $1200 wich is nice. It would be nice to have a cheap 1.25 x sight, a little zoom makes the difference in confort. Another thing. pleaseee more probability of smaller armies! at least the first days. i get the gun i cant hire more soldiers so i cant face too many enemies. the sacrifices you have to make thx for paying attention.
  6. muffinvengador

    starting strategies

    so, every time i start a new campain its getting harder and harder. what im used to do is to sell all my non consumable items, hire a squad of people or 2 and go looking for low numbers enemies (witch is getting harder) the problem i have is that my squad and me start with pistos and enemies already have rifles... winning with minimal loses in this condictions is getting hard and take away the will to continue playing. What are you guys doing that is proving succesful? I wanna hear your strategies
  7. muffinvengador

    Back where it needs to be

    yes, please, change the enemies spwan boxes, THEY ARE SO HARD TOO SEEEEEE. im colourblind, if you at least make the spawn boxes lines wider I could see them easyly, or change it to yellow. pleaseeeeee its a pain to start looking for the enemies spawns at the start of every match
  8. muffinvengador

    Buying/ using grenades and points necessary

    i have the same issue, i looted some grenades and when i try to equip them it sends me that message, i didnt get the chance to see if you added a skill points for throwing grenades
  9. with the recents updates we have been encouraged to start new campains. i would have no problem with that except that every time doing so gets harder! Once used to be able to get aceptable troops from the get go, at least soldiers with rifles. Now the first soldiers you get only have hand guns, and the enemies that i find myself agains have rifles!!! let me get this right: you have no rifle to beguin with, your starters troops have no rifles. how am i suppost to engage enemies? they shot me dead before i can get close to them. I think that starting the campain with a basic rifle is mandatory to be able to get into the fight as soon as you want. I dont want to spend the first 30 min of my new campain trading stuff to get the basic stuff to fight. Other thing, with recent patches enemies armies are fewer and fewer, its hard to find adecuate armies to fight at first since you dont see them anywereon the map! Anyways, the game is beatiful, i has changed a lot in the last yeay and we have to thnak you for that. Keep up the good work!
  10. muffinvengador

    Large Scale Combat

    hi, zeros. im right behind you about the larger size armies. Although 65 is the limit on deployable troops, your army still can be larger and you can redeploy squads in battle acording to what the battle requires at the moment. I think that will be more useful when the new support trops come in the game (machine guns and mortals). And once the devs implement that feaute I think they can start aiming for veicles as a way to counter those defenses. Love the game and cant wait for it to get more complex.
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