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  1. Adamantor

    Hey hey, I'm Kathy, nice to meet you!

    Welcome aboard mercenary
  2. Adamantor

    0.80 bugs noticed by me so far

    I literally loaded save, even reloaded pc, still bug persists, i dunno if save file is broken or smth else, game files were verified
  3. Adamantor

    0.80 bugs noticed by me so far

    Also very interesting one- Once after I opened the game during stream- I tried to load the game, on my screen it was Please wait for solid minute or more (I eventually closed game), while on stream preview I could see the global map fine, also while i was looking on stream preview and i moved cursor to a nearby army, on main screen it changed its shape...
  4. Adamantor

    0.80 bugs noticed by me so far

    Mouse sensitivity while aiming via SVD scope is way too high, is not affected by 4x and 6x scope settings in menu Also together with inability to command- enemies dont fire at me AT ALL EDIT: Restarting game, restarting PC, veryfing game files didnt help here ;(
  5. Adamantor

    0.80 bugs noticed by me so far

    Couldn't command my squads in battle After deploying they dont listen to orders (actually i couldnt even select them) Also I couldnt see units on map (just squad icons), couldnt also see their "arrows"on UI
  6. Another thing- right now leveling up troops who already got to max tier doesnt give ANYTHING right now... How about tiny accurancy, hp and speed boost? Perhaps bigger acc boost for acurate units like sharshooters and lower hp boost for such unit etc?
  7. Adamantor

    0.80 bugs noticed by me so far

    Mk14 sound sometimes works, sometimes doesn't (bug only for player's Mk14) - restarting sometimes helps, sometimes even pressing Esc works... Encountered weird "artifacts" during fight, if i will get some time, i will try to upload them tomorrow/Monday. During or right b4 that my own man shot another of my troops (he walked into his line of fires), he ragdolled really weird, yet he was still alive and operating according to squad numbers
  8. Adamantor

    0.80 bugs noticed by me so far

    Weapon proficiency cap gets reseted every time you load the game back to 30
  9. Go to Steam>steamapps>common>Freeman Guerilla Warfare> Freeman Guerilla Warfare_Data>StreamingAssets>Icon>Flag and put your flag there (must be PNG format and 256*190 pixel size) I've put this here because people were asking about that on Discord already, maybe this will help some people. Enjoy ^^
  10. 1. No Mk14 sounds- according to Saltine restart of the game helps-- havent checked yet 2. Saves doesnt register ur quests and reknown, also sometimes adds additional armies on map 3. Realistic mode- instead of save & exit it says save game- then quits to menu 4. Agility description is missing 5. At least few troops have same description- seems like sharpshooter description 6. Once 1 of my squads got stuck in the corner of the map
  11. 1. Customization of units- as @Tina said, there is a problem with a freedom of equipping "standard soldiers" - so we would get crazy accurate snipers with LMGs... My solution- "exception lists" for units - so for example ... Freedom Sniper cannot get AK, M4 etc. etc. But he can get high cal DMR or sniper rifle - so he will stay in his area of expertise and behaviour. Also my idea here- to be able to do so- such Sniper needs to be high rank to be able to swap weapon, so on the end game you won't be able give a fresh recruit a bloody cannon- also that means more value to keeping your soldiers alive in such matter. 2. Let troops finish battle without you if you get injured. 3. Once u lvl up weapon proficiency- you have smth like "Pistol add one, you haveX " - should get spacebar between have and X if it has to stay like that, but honestly I think "Pistols leveled up to X" seems better 4."Could there be support bases or towns with support bases that we can capture that gives us access to them? In case we don't want allies" by jsouthe3 5. Increased yield from factories etc when u search them with bigger amount of troops and/or special equipment 6. Gun misfires, jams etc. ? (imagine mortar misfire x) ) "Maybe lower quality guns that can jam, but are significantly cheaper?" - russames02 "Maybe hidden heat stat could lead to jams- so if u full auto like crazy- its likely that gun will jam" (my idea) Feedback Pistol gunplay looks way better now x) Gun sounds also sound better now Nice to have forces joining from collapsed factions... ... but how bandits can collapse???? (maybe vanish for a week or two?) (Or is it Tina effect... Kappa ) Up for discussion 1. Should we be able to build EVERYTHING in one city (i think we should, but last few pieces of land should be crazy expensive)
  12. #7 already getting in, thanks
  13. 1. While we reequip troops with other gear than their own- it shouldn't raise their salaries or at least not that much- we sponsor that stuff anyway. 2. Once you go above required level for the soldier to get the best tier- rank ups kinda feel... like nothing pretty much. Except more troop tiers as I mentioned here : We need something to make our veterans EXTREMELY VALUABLE- something that will make you invest in gear for them for example. My idea is to give them every X LVLs + 1 to accurancy and every Y LVLs + 1 to speed- so IF somebody will survive long enough- let's say sharpshooter- he will be REALLY good at his job. 3.Special abilities- for example- sharpshooters/ helicopters/ scouts etc. can mark enemies- firstly for player, secondly for all troops/ just mortars for improved accurancy. 4. I know I keep saying that- but get some max ratio for infrantry-vehicles. Having 1-5 soldiers and 32 assault cars against you isn't that much fun If it would be like... Crew in vehicles must lower than soldiers in the field- that would make more sense in the battlefield. 5. Allow equiping units with suppressors. 6. We need a lower tier AT launcher... how about Panzerfaust? 7. We still need multiple parties in the field- I mean- for example Pozna is fighting ARF in the field, both are neutral to player- player can choose with who should he side with. One faction is hostile- if player joins, then on allied side. Both parties are hostile- ooooh that's gonna get messy 8. Vehicle upgrades- we had them when only transport vehicles were in- how about getting some upgrades for combat ones? Either get +X armor, or maybe more like +attach better visor = +X accurancy, replace 45 mm cannon with 60 mm, etc.? 9. Siege events- what about night raid with fellow Spec Ops or units from idea nr 5? So player can sneak into town with 1-2 squads only- but if they manage to get in quietly- they can take out big group of enemies- each explosion and non supressed firearm would get a chance for waking up more enemies- so better take down enemies fast b4 they fire back. Player doesn't need to kill every hostile, is free to run away without morale penalty (unless got heavy casualties without inflicting those to enemy) Player could sneak up into town (disguised or not- difference is the start point of mission) to poison enemy supplies, perhaps attempt to burn buildings (like barracks). He has to get away alive to accomplish the mission. 10. Once you get incapacitated- you can watch your troops fight- you cannot give orders, but it won't get auto resulted (cuz auto result is most of the time VERY UNFAIR). If you dont want to watch it and get auto result, u press a key like TAB or smth.
  14. Adamantor

    can we support devs?

    Took me a long while, but mail is sent (those internet companies take their time...)
  15. Adamantor

    Ktos z ojczyzny?

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