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  1. ehich troops and which weapon? shouldn't be like that.
  2. we had to cancel them because of modding
  3. thank you๐Ÿ’š I think eventually we will add that option
  4. If there is only 1 feature can be added to Freman, what you want it to be? P.S. No vehicles ๐Ÿ˜…
  5. Tina

    Unity crash on savegame load [GOG]

    Thank you on GOG is all fine now
  6. Tina

    Unity crash on savegame load [GOG]

    Glad that it solved! Looks like GOG versions got messed up, but we will try to fix it ASAP
  7. Tina

    Unity crash on savegame load [GOG]

    which version it writes in the menu?
  8. Tina

    Complaint for new map

    I see. Can you tell please, what you think will improve skirmish maps?
  9. Tina

    Complaint for new map

    Thank you for the feedback. Are you talking about city map or skirmish map?
  10. Tina

    Update V0.943

    Don't worry, not only girls were working on the game Thank you! We will work on that more๐Ÿ’š
  11. Tina

    Update V0.943

    we will check that
  12. Hello everyone, We have uploaded the V0.943. The major changes are as follows: Fixed the issue that the game runs incorrectly after loading the game (this is due to API incompatibility and we have fixed it) Increased maximum level cap of soldiers to level 15 again. Adjusted price and armor value for helmets and vests. Faction armies' level (different faction troops have different initial levels) Added game tutorials(work in progress) Some UI optimizations (we will continue to improve the UI and user experience in the following updates) Right mouse button to rotate cameras. Fixed some localization errors. Game Tips during loading. Black market appears randomly according to player's level. Resource Points have a chance of dropping high level props. List of goods produced in cities. Two new skirmish maps were added. Added army's strength comparison display for auto-combat so the player can understand the probability of winning the auto-combat. Fixed a few bugs reported from the v0.943 test version.
  13. Tina

    Vehicles and support items.

    We had to cancel vehicles in order to add modding support. We do understand that many people liked that, but we had no other choice if we want to have modding system which will give moders really a lot of freedom. air support and such are still under consideration, not sure will we add that because of he same modding reason About emplacements not sure yet. At the moment it's just for improving city defense lvl.
  14. all of it works fine for us. maybe you have broken saves? thank you!๐Ÿ’š
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