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  1. expicurious

    Idea - Reset Weapon Points

    It would, of course, be optional. I'd prefer to charge in against a large number of opponents like Al Pacino'S Scarface after a bit of a rough night. Training, Schraining I say! SAY HELLO TO MY LEETLE FRIEND!!!!
  2. expicurious

    Idea - Reset Weapon Points

    Hi again, Here's another idea for you! Why not have a (very expensive) option where you can pay, say, 500,000 to reset your weapon points? This would allow you to switch weapon types with proficiency already maxed out. Perhaps you would only be able to do this in a town that you have captured? Of course, a total skills points reset would be far more difficult, as party and inventory size would be affected too.
  3. Firstly, I am really enjoying this game - so thankyou, and keep up the good work! Perhaps the interface could be tweaked to make things easier when you're in town? Current Action Enter Town, Click on Weapons Dealer, Buy/Sell things. Now I want to check my party - I click on Party, but nothing happens! I have to close the weapons dealer window first! It would be much better if I could just click Party and have it close automatically. There are lots of window combinations where this happens. It may seem like a little thing, but these extra mouse clicks get a little bit annoying after an hour of playing! Just a thought.
  4. expicurious

    Rename Squad Dialogue box disappears when you type U

    Ah - I forgot I mapped the U key myself! The default is No Mapping for "Hide UI" Case Closed.
  5. Rename Squad Dialogue box disappears if you type in the "Hide UI" key "U" This means that you can't use "U" in squad names.
  6. expicurious

    Naming troops

    No harm in it - just another property in the object I suppose. Not sure I would use it much myself though - my troops rarely last long enough for emotional attachments.
  7. expicurious

    Map town labels disappear

    Special? Not really, I made myself a cheese and ham sandwich, but that's not unusual. Anyway, It seems a lot better now. I suspected it might be something to do with map lighting changes at certain times of the day.
  8. Is it just me, or does anyone else think the vehicle noises are too screechy? I sometimes tell them to cancel way-points just to get them to shut up - especially when they get stuck on a rock! Maybe less screeching and more growly engine noises would be better?
  9. expicurious

    Map town labels disappear

    Time 0600, Day 13 Following a successful battle vs looters, the town labels disappear and I can't enter towns. Saved, went back to main menu, reloaded game and they re-appeared.
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