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  1. Hey, I was wondering, how many people are working on FWG ? How many artists / programmers ? I am really curious to know.
  2. When time is up, Red Stains on the Tactical map show where are the remaining enemies. And the more enemies in an area, the more saturated is the stain. Problem is, since enemies are showed as red pointers on this map, it can be quite difficult to see them in some situations. As well as not seing the obstacles and terrain features. Especially if you take a quick look in the middle of the fight or during Siege and Night battles. (see screenshot) Maybe diminushing the intensity of the stain could help ? But then we will lose the information of "how many remaining enemies are here". Or maybe having red circles with more or less intense borders instead of the current stains.
  3. Kazet

    V 0.221 - Ghost Party

    This one is tough to reproduce. When: When attacking a party, after destroying a Faction by destroying its last Party What / Steps to reproduce: - Attack a faction party, the last of its faction. In my case, it was "CFR Rebel Defence Platoon" of "Chernivkan Front Rebellion" - The faction is destroyed - Then, find an hostie party on the world map and attack them. For me it was a party of the Uman Brotherhood - The dialogue tab when engaging that new party show the one I exterminated before and the game is stuck with no dialogue options (and can't escape nor anything) Where: On the world map
  4. When: Any time What: - Go in party tab - Disband some units (I will disband two Female Militia) - Party size updates, but not Payload - If you close and open the tab again, Payload is up to date Where: World Map, Party Tab
  5. When: Any time when crossing Bridges What: - When two or more parties try to cross bridges and collide with each other, they will jitter and have difficulties to advance Where: World Map, on Bridges
  6. When: Launching the Game for the first time What: In the Unity launcher, after installing the game, the Graphics are set to "Fastest". Not sure people will see it, and since this is not accessible in-game, some people opinions could be altered regarding the game quality. Happened to me on two different computers (personal and work), both on Windows 10 x64.
  7. When: When you are at war with a faction, just after loading your game What: - When you load a game, the messages "You are at war with [FACTION NAME]" arrives with a little delay - During this delay, rush to a city you know you are at war with - In the City interface, you will have all the options of the City (Trade, Rest, Recruit, Gamble) even if you are supposed to be at war with its Faction - Normally, when you go to a City you are at war with, you only have Attack, Pay Passage Fee and Leave - Note: See Screenshot for more info Where: On the Word Map, in the Interface of a City you are at war with
  8. When: Any time What: - Go for renaming one of your squads - If you press the Key mapped with the "Hide UI" function, the Rename box will disappear (for me it was the 'U' key) - If you press this Key again, the Rename box come back but the focus on the area text is lost - So you have to click to have the focus back (note: one 'u' has been written) Where: Word Map, Party Tab
  9. When: Any time What: - Set a Key Mapping for the "Hide UI" fuction (I set 'U'). - Use it during a battle. - Crosshair and Friendly Unit Blue Marker does not disappear (see screenshot). Where: Anywhere in battle Note: I will post several bug-reports in different topics (one per bug) because I feel like it will be easier to find them back that way. If it is not the case and that it become noisy, please let me know for next time.
  10. Kazet

    Hello from Canada

    Hi. I'm a video game developper currently working in Montréal, Québec. Big fan of the Mount and Blade serie here, but not an FPS player at all. Nevertheless, I'm impressed of how much fun I have with FWG ! The army personalization is super deep and it is probably what I enjoy the most. In addition, I woke up some FPS reflexes that had been extinct for a long time, which was a refreshing experience. Can't wait for further improvements ! Great job to all KK Game Studio !
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