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  1. Sandfence


    since i cant access the home pages chat box im making this because i still wanna let yall know i love ya ❤️ xoxo keep up the great job
  2. Sandfence

    Game suggestions after 0.80

    i feel this bro
  3. Sandfence

    Bug hunt

    and hey i cant use the main pages "CHATBOX"
  4. Sandfence

    Bug hunt

    So I streamed the game for a few hours today just to try and find bugs and issues and this is what I found during my playtime.(test version) 1.Traders character models randomly go invisible and don't come back until full restart regardless of going to a new town 2.Old black leather jacket phases over armor half covering it and half popping through the jacket 3. Glock 19 animation- slide will lock back when i shoot half a mag as if it were empty 4. Bandit army will sometimes still exist after defeating said army , 20 man party will continue to roam as 20 man party even if i defeat and take prisoners 5. Keybindings reset after leaving game and returning but when going to change keybinds again they say they are what i set them as before i closed game but will not function 6. I tell a squad to retreat and it will retreat a different or multiple other squads that were not selected (all squads max morale) 7. Blue on blue or friendly fire, i have had my own teams almost wiped from my own squads shooting each other in the back if they get to close together, sometimes the same squad will kill each other Those are my bugs the rest is just opinions / recommendations Can we get a icon or text on screen saying that a level up is available while in the traveling screen . I always forget to level up my Character and I think a notification out of battle would help alot. Gunplay- the guns should shoot relatively straight regardless of marksmanship level, being lvl 8 marksmanship and using a sniper rifle but the gun cant hit a standing target even 2/10 shots at roughly 50 meters, the guns should fire straight up to a certain distance regardless but maybe recoil control and handling like gun sway should be more of a thing to hit on for leveling up , but i do like the system of locking guns behind different levels P.S I hope I was helpful with this post and I hope yall take some of my points into mind - ❤️ love your sandy boy ❤️ ❤️❤️
  5. Sandfence

    Iron mining forever

    I started mining iron and was stuck forever ,I only stayed for 140 days before i got bored and just restarted the game
  6. Sandfence


    all the ones that want me to deliver a note or whatever in the test version specifically
  7. Sandfence


    im not sure if its supposed to be this way but i get nothing from doing tasks for towns and such.
  8. I have no idea what the icons are in the top right were, so i went to hover over them and see but when i do the tag goes off of the screen
  9. ❤️ love you guys, cant wait to load it up !!!!!!
  10. "We are still aiming to release a playable update at the end of February" did yall catch a snag or something, im dying for another update
  11. Sandfence


    yeah that would make fighting a army of 411 that is nothing but vehicles a lot easier
  12. Sandfence

    Vehicle stuck

    how do i do that , and why cant i retreat a vehicle
  13. Sandfence

    Less Screechy Vehicle Effects

    dude SAEM
  14. Sandfence

    Vehicle Pathfinding

    most the time they will just do donuts instead of moving for me lmao
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