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  1. Hello there, I thought of some things that could be improved in the actual game : - i'd love to see a rework of the night vision, maybe with a bit less contrast, more realistic. Also you can't see well in sights with night vision 'cause the reticles are all black, maybe make them red as on the Spectre one, and make it glow! - also it'd be cool to add the possibility of equipping a laser sight on the pistols - i think a function to show your men where to throw there grenades, like the double right click on the map, would be a great thing - also, the idea to use vehicles on the main map to move faster was a good one, i'd love to see that coming back ! Now about totally new things ! - it would be awesome if you could aim in the all the scope's integrated iron sights (as in Arma) - i'd love to see an in-combat inventory (as a bag) that would allow me to store one or two grenades, or medical stuff - we're speaking interfaces, so why no implementing a new gun system, with an interface to fully custom your gun with different modifications, that would modify the gun's stats, as recoil, damage, weight in battle or something like that Et voilà ! Thanks for reading, keep doing your best, (as usual ) and I hope you'll like the suggestions ! Bye ❤️
  2. Häns Glükenfield

    Bug report 0.96 beta

    Hello there, I'm a bit late but that's what I noticed for this test version : - In combat, when selecting all your squad and clicking the "follow me" command, there's always one squad that it doesn't apply to - Ennemies shoot through the ground, and through things that you can't, as barricades - When reloading a save, the soldier's number in a ennemy camp will change, so you can use this to lower difficulty (making a x50 terrorist camp to a x33 for example) - When looking at your feet, you can see a strange symbol that follows you, that ressembles the circle representing a squad member (it's pretty weird, i'll try to get you a screenshot) That's pretty much all that bothered me, i'm probably missing things .. Good luck with the work, love you guys <3
  3. Häns Glükenfield

    Bug report 0.80

    Well I loaded my save, went into a combat against Looters or Bandits idk, I was able to deploy my squad but after that I could not select them at all, so I wasn't able to sent them where I wanted. I could not click on them. The bug was there until I reloaded my save, something about 30 minutes later
  4. Häns Glükenfield

    Game suggestions after 0.80

    Hello everyone, here are some of my suggestions for the future of this game ! Here we go, these are things that I think should be adjusted : - terrible texture resolution when aiming in the x6 scope (with highest settings) - x6 scope sensbility doesn't seem ajustable, so it's very tricky to aim properly - maybe make the x4 red mark a bit more bright (very difficult to see where you're aiming sometimes) - maybe tweak a bit the weapons to be more precise, spending a full ammo clip trying to shoot a ennemy because the bullets don't go straight can be a bit frustrating - way too bright sunsets (i think) and moonlights (maybe because you removed night vision googles ?) - also it would be nice to have a bit of diversity within the different sellers in the cities, I feel like trading with the same people over and over again - I thought the icon that indicated what ressource the seller is in need for was a really good thing - Pleeaaase bring back squad customization, it really was one of the best features of the game, and I must say that not being able to give your wounded soldiers a first aid kit is a real shame - I think the gun sounds really need to be changed (not a priority), cause some of them don't sound realistic at all - it could be awesome to be able to put a scope on your secondary weapon - I read it somewhere, but I think that adding different biomes on the worldmap, characterized by several different combat maps each, could be an awesome feature to add Anyway, I hope it will help you, love you all and good luck with the work ❤️
  5. Häns Glükenfield

    Bug report 0.80

    Here are a few bugs I saw : - sorting by price at the armor vendor doesn't work - when loading my save, my faction flag changed - keymapping resets after loading save, and goes back to normal when I go in the settings - weird ennemy stance when dying, the ragdoll clips with the floor - when aiming, you can see the ally's indicators on top of your vision, as if they were in front of you - Uman Terrorists are actually raiders and armored marauders - after a fight, on the worldmap, the winning faction stays still without moving, with the fight symbol over their head - sometimes, the people in the cities just become invisible (reported enough i think ;) ) - body shadow missing, only the hands and the gun are visible - when you aim down your scope, the sun is not disturbing your vision, like you clan see clearer than without aiming, you can see "through the fog" - During a fight, suddenly my SCAR-L just stopped working, didn't do anything when I clicked. But my secondary weapon just worked fine - Sometimes the guns don't make any sounds, I could not guess exactly when - Had the same "Squad not responding "bug that @Adamantor Love you all <3
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