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  1. RADiation

    Version 1.1 changelog

    The 3 new guns feel extremly incomlpete, the uzi's and m4's "sights" have no front sight , i would have give the m4 the same sight as the m16, as they usually have .
  2. RADiation

    One last feature you want to see?

    aww... okay, thank you nonetheless
  3. RADiation

    One last feature you want to see?

    will there be vehicles in the game again?; i quite enjoyed them. Apart from that, a little bit more weapon customisation, an things like usable grenade launchers for the player. plus more firearms, stuff like a G3,k98,Mosin-Nagant, maybe a Sig 550 G36 an so on. And definitley an option for equimpent preferences whe fast equipping your troops, so that they favour smg instead of temi automatic rifles for example, still a great game though
  4. Out of curiousity, will the k98 be re-added or an other "milsurp" boltaction rifle like a mosin or lee enfield be added. i really liked using the k98.
  5. Thank you. I really appreciate how fast you guys are when responding to problems, its really nice and makes bugs less frustrating. keep up the good work.
  6. I have a little problem with the new update, The game crashes everytime i try to load a save game. but only since the update. The save were made after the update. Thank you in advance, a slightly overwheight Squirrel.
  7. RADiation

    v0.82 Patch Notes

    two days ago...I want to say Thank you anyway
  8. RADiation

    v0.82 Patch Notes

    Will there be more guns in the game? thing like an AUG,G36 and such?
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