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  1. I was frustrated before with the auto equip because my troops equipped MK14s and not the other higher tier weapons I possessed. It all makes sense now. Totally missed the part where they train to use certain weapons and the damage is improved the higher they are skilled in certain weapons, hence picking the highest damage they can do
  2. Shadauwulf

    Auto Equip Stopped Working(TEST BRANCH)

    UPDATE. I closed out and reloaded the game, auto equip is back.
  3. After conquering Smolyanka, I noticed I couldnt auto equip my troops any longer. I'm not certain if there was something else that may have caused this, but I've tried to find work arounds but came up with nothing.
  4. Shadauwulf

    Save loading improperly

    Good possibility. How old is your PC?
  5. Shadauwulf

    Save loading improperly

    That can do it. Even not having the latest drivers can do it sometimes.
  6. Shadauwulf

    One last feature you want to see?

    Any of em. They keep equipping M1s even if they maxed out marksmanship. They wont equip any of the clothes, masks/goggles, hats, any of it. What I propose is settings for auto equip, maybe even per squad. From camo and all that all the way down. If I'm going to the desert, I could have them just equip desert camo specifically. Best armor, maybe make them only equip assault rifles if I wanted them to
  7. Shadauwulf

    One last feature you want to see?

    My biggest peave. Sick of my troops picking beginner rifles over much better stuff, or things I dont want them to use. They can even change clothes or wear certain things without me manually doing it.
  8. Shadauwulf

    One last feature you want to see?

    I'll step on the landmine here. Built up defenses in towns. Some destructible items in battle. Projectile explosives. Eh. Any of those would be my last feature.
  9. Shadauwulf

    Auto Equip

  10. Shadauwulf

    Auto Equip

    Would it be possible to customize the auto equip option? Possibly per each squad? I use it often, however when I do I see that all my members seem to favor very basic rifles opposed to higher damage weapons and such.... and none of them want to equip better clothing/armor.
  11. Shadauwulf


    I'm in the US Army
  12. I start a brand new game every time there is an update. I'm not certain what could have gone wrong
  13. Shadauwulf

    Vehicles and support items.

    I'm not a dev or any of that, but might be able to give you somewhat of an answer. Since the game is not 1.0 or greater, it is still an alpha phase game. From what I'm seeing, they had these features, then 0.80 alot of things were removed so that the game could be modded after the full release. These things could come back, looking at the current roadmap of development. I think right now theyve got most of the ground combat completed, fine tuning and developing the world map aspect. I myself am hoping for vehicles and emplacements to further complicate combat and bring a better challenge but I myself couldnt tell you just how far off that is. Speaking of, I'm awaiting some propelled explosives but dont know how far off they are. Again I realize I've nothing to do with the company, just wanted to try and clarify from perspective.
  14. My favorite feature this update is the auto equip. I basically was just buying fully strapped troops because I didnt wanna take the time to assign weapons haha. Though I wished some of these features did work, I understand why they dont, aka the mayor's not actually building the city, or the companions not building armies. I love the work you guys are doing, dont let the steam trolls try to keep you all down. They're losers anyway
  15. Shadauwulf

    Favorite weapon

    Figured I'd try at getting some responses here as far as the game goes. What's your favorite weapon in the game? I cant remember the name of it.... all I remember is the spestnaz come with it. Only silenced weapon I can find, and decent with a 4x tactical sight.
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