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  1. I bought the game at version .222, fell in love with the battle maps, but not the vehicle spam. Took a break. Loaded the game up, and the battle maps seem significantly worse to me now. There seems to be just a few template maps rather than what appeared to be randomly generated maps. The scope of the maps seem far more limited as well. The maps feel very small now, like there is no room to maneuver, was this a conscious decision to speed contact in the battles up? If so, I have to say, the best part of the battles, IMO, was that the maps were large, random, and allowed for multiple approaches tactically with your squads to deal with the enemy. Now, all I do is maybe move a couple of squads forward a dozen yards or so, and then sit and wait, because the maps are mostly flat, wide open, and moving more than a little ways from the spawn box, and you're in immediate contact with the enemy squads. I know the game has been undergoing some serious overhauls, but I am really hoping that at some point in the future, the much larger random maps that don't force you into contact with the enemy in the first 20 seconds return. Most of my enjoyment from the game came from the tactical and strategic options that the much larger maps afforded. You had to recon to find where the enemy squads were coming from. You had to position your squads intelligently, to ensure you didn't get surprise flanked. You could engage the enemy and suppress them with some squads, and then sneak other squads in to flank them up close. The map size is so restricted now, that all you do is move forward, a little bit and wait for the squads to run into your kill zones. I hope at least an option for much bigger maps is returned to the game.
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