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  1. cocapelli

    One last feature you want to see?

    i *would say mortars:D compounding on that, i would like mortars to have a spotter system where the shots get progressively more accurate. edit. hmm... i just found the double right click on the strategic(tactical? battle.) map. is that the mortar tag? if it is, that will do. i love how it shows up on the fps screen
  2. cocapelli

    So impressed i wanted to stop by and say hi...

    fleshing the world out by giving companions backstories is beautiful. making one a history teacher to give you some historical backdrop, genius.
  3. yea, just wow. have around 180 hours in the game and bought it beginning of '18. you have come a long way and every time i start the game i am more impressed. thank you. i eat pizza... whether that is my favorite food or not, i eat a lot of pizza. i tend to switch between something with a sniper scope, there weren's always binocs:) if i can see it, i can get someone to kill it. i dont really have a favorite faction. i like to keep it diversified. fca to the right, vfa to the left and pozna on overwatch. once again, you all are doing a great job and thanks for all your hard work.
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