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    Battle Suggestions

    I just want to preface by saying, I love this game. It is great fun and has massive potential. Below I've listed some features that I believe would add some more depth to the combat of the game. As of now, I understand that capturing flags in sieges can win the game, but I don't think it's quite enough. I would like to see more objectives in battle. Buildings or assets to destroy that cause enemy units below a certain morale or level threshold to flee the fight or surrender alongside flags/territories to capture. A command bunker or building, some light armor to give vehicles a purpose. Off map assets like precision air strikes, mortars, and surveillance drones would add an interesting dynamic for people who want to go to war with less but more elite infantry. Which would tie in to the objective assets I mentioned above. I.e. Destroy the enemy's armor/command/supplies and they route. Get quests from allies to destroy specific enemy assets without actually sieging the city yourself. That would also make running with smaller, but more expensive units a bigger risk as large infantry units roaming around can cause you serious problems if you find yourself in a field battle and not just attacking a city. Yea you can call in couple of airstrikes and/or mortar bombardments, but that's not going to help when your 28 man special operations platoon is being overrun by 150 armored Marauders with AK's and RPGs. You might kill 100 of them, but now your team is reduced to 12 and 50 more are coming through the valley. Or you might win but it'd cost you so much in nearly irreplaceable men that you'd rather just avoid it. Some stealth would be nice too. I've snuck up on enemies during a gunfight for a flank only to have the entire unit that had no idea I was there all turn and start firing. I think that adding more guns is kind of irrelevant as well. If you have 10-15 guns per class with different purposes, you'd have a more interesting line up than 50 guns that do 70-75 base damage per shot balanced by metrics that just turn into find the gun with the least spread/recoil/bullet drop gun in the game. Some clear city management would be nice too. Do weapons out of my armory get sold? How about storage? Where can I put surplus weapons, armor and equipment? How about partitioning a Minuteman/woman initiative in happy enough cities for defense purposes to bolster your garrison? Vehicles, now I know there's a lot of people who want vehicles and I've seen a lot of dev pushback on these requests. I think vehicles would work best as assets as I outlined above. Additionally, failing that, if you had objectives spread around the map away from the middle, vehicles might see more purpose than to rush them into the middle to use as weapons platforms. Lastly...co-op, I would punch someone for co-op in this game. Let me know what you think!
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