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  1. First off...wow. This game is the type of singleplayer game I can really get into. I just bought the game and played for a couple hours. I have played Mount and Blade so I know the mechanics very well. I'm still learning a lot about the weapons, items, trading, and units. I will definitely be playing this at least once a day before I go to bed. There are some things however that kind of bother me... 1. Lack of customization. I do understand that there are a LOT of customizable items in the game. From clothing, weapons, armor, headgear, etc. However I get a nice middleeastern/80s European vibe from this game, I would love to see more uniforms in the game. Simply because I love a variety of customizable items, I also would love to see more armor types, customizable armor with MOLLE system, more helmets/headgear, possibly more modern US/Russian/Canadian type armor, headgear, and clothing. 2. AI not balanced? I noticed in one battle against a smaller group of AI in normal mode they completely WIPED out my units very fast. It's not like I went up against some big faction, I was facing a small group of Looters who had about 10 troops and I had 7 troops. Some of them trained up and equipped with rifles. I'm not sure how the AI play yet, but it seemed a little weird having my squad wiped. 3. The graphics seem outdated. I feel like with unity. If they put a little more time in the textures, skins, and overall game itself it could have been a little more "modern" with its graphics. Regardless of the graphics I still love the game. 4. Small map...I know your thinking "This map is huge af", or "Well it's a decent sized map, I dont know why you would say that". Well I LOVE exploring game maps, have LONG playtime in one new game, I just love open world games with huge maps. I think the map could have been a little bigger. 5. Lack of game modes. I feel like a game like this should have some interesting game modes, or at least different quests than "Train troops", and "Hunt down snipers". I would love to see AT LEAST different quests like Capturing high values targets, helping out allied armies in fights, Reconnaissance missions, etc. I have not played the game all the way through yet. I'm still on my first save. So I have not experienced everything the game has to offer just yet. However this is my take on the game so far. A later graphics update, or more content to the game would really get it "popping". Cannot wait to see what the Devs come out with! I'm excited to be apart of the community.
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