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  1. Hi, First of all, this is my first post on the forum so i would like to say good job and hope you gals continue on improving the game, so far its awesome for an indie game but it lacks some features. a couple of things i'd like to suggest and i would categories them just for the convenience Informational: Each Location on the map should contain some sort of information regarding the effectiveness of each camo since its not so intuitive in some locations which camo is better (desert\forest) for instance the location between "Berezno" and "Minov" , Since i don't know (yet) exactly how camo properties are now utilized in-game i assume that if you have areas where two camos are in-effect this should be somehow indicated, this feature should exist not in-battle map but outside in the open world since only then it is possible to swap camo in case i plan on doing so for my whole squad\army (of course the bigger the army the harder it is to micro-manage camo swapping to each individual combatant) but this feature is still something that should be added in the future. rate of healing - the rate should be somewhere presented in order to estimate how long it will take my character and or each individual in my army to fully heal, if the mechanism of the healing skill points is based on a constant rather than a percentage than there should be some information based on a computed value of the amount of time it will require to fully heal up, the formula is basic but it really depends on how you implemented the healing process in the first place, but it can be see as the following, X = Total Hit points, Y - Current Hit Points, Z = Constant Hit points Renewal per T, M = Multiplier based on skill (Default is 1) T = Time (will take Hours as the lowest resolution to make it simple), so the computed value shown on the screen should be (X-Y)\(Z*M*T), its up to you im just giving the idea. Functional: Items such as NVG/Binoculars should not take AMMO slots, i believe it should have its own slot for any type of "tool" that might be implemented later on, similarly with med-kits, there should be two-4 slots that can hold Med-kits only and they can be related to the medic skill (the more points you assign the more slots are available to store med-kits only. Visual: Certain Top Tier Armors do not posses other camo patterns\textures like the "heavy assault armor", unless there are some but i have not yet got them, it would be nice to offer each tier a couple of variants, I am having a really bad time wearing a green armor on top of desert camo :[ <such a fashionista i am> Bugs: I noticed that when taking ammo for an HMG the max ammo is capped at around 300 rounds + 70 in the weapon, its either a visual representation bug or might be that there are actually ~370 Rounds, which is inappropriate if i took 10 Mags for an HMG i should have ~700 or 770 if taken into consideration that each weapon has a magazine included (something that i noticed with an RPG - taking 2 rounds to combat, having 3 in total) Squads taking too long to acknowledge a move command, @1.0 Version, it seems that if i give a Move command to my squad it takes them ages to comply, and if i suddenly order a new way-point while they are on the move, they can stop sometimes to more than 10 seconds, this behavior was not seen on previous versions as far as i remember. Squad members are moving too much in the line of sight when ordered to follow the playable character, when i order them to follow me and i stand still in one location they begin to move in front of my sight way to often (meat shield is great, but not when you cannot shoot), hopefully this behavior can be somewhat altered. That's about it for now, Once again thanks for developing such a great game and i hope that one day you'll hit the major league. агромнае спасибо, ян 'Eyepox' веселый
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