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  1. Game Version, 1.0 on GoG. Problem: The Character moves in a circle during battle scenes. Possible causes: The game no longer allows remapping controller axis'. I have multiple analog controllers installed. They are automatically recognized by the game. Centering the offending axis' alleviates the problem, however, some of those controllers have springs that center them in a physical position where the device may be returning a number "other than zero". Since the controller can't be remapped and no sensitivity or deadzones can be defined the game misinterprets the issue as a movement command. The problem can be solved by unplugging the controller, but that will invalidate extensive bindings in games such as ARMA and DCS. They are difficult to reproduce. Possible solutions: - Bring back the option to remap controller axis'. It existed in the launcher of the last pre-release version. - Add a feature to let the player choose Keyboard and Mouse input as the exclusive controller set. - Or, add deadzone mapping to the keybinding page (probably not worth it). I love playing this game and I wish you a lot of success. However, in order for me to enjoy the game and recommend it to my friends this issue must be solved. I also suggest you drop by the GoG forums from time to time. We miss you.
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