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  1. Melamori

    Auto Equip

    we will think about this
  2. Melamori

    after fixing floating bug

    please send us your save files to kkgamestudio@gmail.com with topic "new game same bugs" save files are here C:\Users\newfr\AppData\LocalLow\KK Game Studio\Freeman_ Guerrilla Warfare (newfr is name of your pc) Need to write all details and bugs which you have
  3. Dear community, In the recent build some people have encountered the floating in the sky bug after loading the game. Many people start to help us figure out why the bug could happen but some people just start to blame us how we dare to release such a broken version without testing it. So I want to clear the situation. 1. We always test the game for at least a few days in both builds, developers build in unity and steam build. 2. If we get any game breaking bug we will definitely not release it in the main build. 3. As soon as we got this bug reported, we were working nonstop and even didn't sleep just to fix it as quickly as possible. 4. We couldn't test this bug by ourselves that's why it took much longer time than usual to fix this bug, but anyway we were trying and releasing many builds to test it with the community. 5. We are very sorry for people who got this bug and couldn't play for these two days and we totally understand how frustrating it can be. Why this bug happened not for everyone: It is because for some reasons some computers will have a wrong float saved to the save file and then after loading the game the player will spawn in the sky or somewhere else. We have fixed this bug from the saving point of view but if your old saves are already corrupted, the game will automatically reset your location. I just really wish our community can understand this kind of situations for the future and be more friendly, as we are really trying our best. And also want to thank people who supported us and help to test, it increases our productivity a lot. The hot-fix for this bug is out.
  4. Melamori

    Floating Bug

    it will be fixed asap
  5. GET THE GAME! Jun 26- Jul 9
  6. Melamori

    Buying/ using grenades and points necessary

    thanks, we will fix this
  7. Thank you 💚 I'm also thrilled a little 😅
  8. Melamori


    you are welcome 💚
  9. Melamori


    we removed vehicles because we are making our game moddable that's a known one, already fixed for the next version
  10. Melamori


    We are trying to pinpoint crash issue, so if you crash write your system specs in this topic, please, and if no, then write that it's ok https://steamcommunity.com/app/773951/discussions/0/1648791520844767923/
  11. Melamori

    Patch Note 0.821-Hotfix

    we will work on this
  12. Melamori

    v0.82 Patch Notes

    not sure about this one, but most likely yes
  13. do you have joystick or something like this connected ?
  14. здравствуйте, спасибо, мы пофиксим этот баг
  15. Melamori

    Bug report 0.80

    you deploy them before you close strategy map?
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