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Van Weyden

[0.944] Wrong/Missed strings in localization file

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During the game I found several missing translations of the items. Then I opened the Localization.json file to search for these items.
Here is what I found:

1. At the line 2592 there is wrong item key ("GREEN MILITIA VEST", should be "DESERT MILITIA VEST", because it has the name "Desert vest", a desert texture & camo bonus :))
2. After line 2878 (between "MP HELMET" and "AK5C") there is a missed item translation with id 2146. This one should be with the key "DESERT MASK".
3. There are also missed items with keys "5.45MM" & "5.7MM" (but at the same time localization file contains them descriptions). Unfortunately, I could not define them ID's. If I will find them, I will answer in this thread.

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It is seems that IDs are unnecessary for the game. I tried different IDs, even the equal, and the translation was loaded normally.

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