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Häns Glükenfield

Bug report 0.96 beta

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Hello there, 

I'm a bit late but that's what I noticed for this test version

- In combat, when selecting all your squad  and clicking the "follow me" command, there's always one squad that it doesn't apply to

- Ennemies shoot through the ground, and through things that you can't, as barricades 

- When reloading a save, the soldier's number in a ennemy camp will change, so you can use this to lower difficulty (making a x50 terrorist camp to a x33 for example) 

- When looking at your feet, you can see a strange symbol that follows you,  that ressembles the circle representing a squad member (it's pretty weird, i'll try to get you a screenshot)

That's pretty much all that bothered me, i'm probably missing things .. Good luck with the work, love you guys <3

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