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Häns Glükenfield

General things to improve, suggestions

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Hello there, 

I thought of some things that could be improved in the actual game : 

- i'd love to see a rework of the night vision, maybe with a bit less contrast, more realistic. Also you can't see well in sights with night vision 'cause the reticles are all black, maybe make them red as on the Spectre one, and make it glow!

- also it'd be cool to add the possibility of equipping a laser sight on the pistols 

- i think a function to show your men where to throw there grenades, like the double right click on the map, would be a great thing 

- also, the idea to use vehicles on the main map to move faster was a good one, i'd love to see that coming back ! 

Now about totally new things ! 

- it would be awesome if you could aim in the all the scope's integrated iron sights (as in Arma)

- i'd love to see an in-combat inventory (as a bag) that would allow me to store one or two grenades, or medical stuff 

- we're speaking interfaces, so why no implementing a new gun system, with an interface to fully custom your gun with different modifications, that would modify the gun's stats, as recoil, damage, weight in battle or something like that 

Et voilà ! 

Thanks for reading, keep doing your best, (as usual ;) ) and I hope you'll like the suggestions ! 

Bye ❤️ 




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